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Tijule Company Limited is an agro-processing company located in Palmers Cross, Clarendon, Jamaica.  The company utilizes a variety of Jamaican fruits and vegetables such as ackee, callaloo, cassava, guava, banana, citrus, passion, ginger, pineapple, mangoes, spices, herbs and other indigenous farm produce which are canned, bottled, baked and frozen so the fruit of the soil may be enjoyed at leisure by those at home and our friends abroad.

Tijule’s raw agricultural materials are supplied by small farmers in St. Elizabeth, Manchester, Clarendon, St. Catherine, Portland, St. Thomas, St. Ann and St. Mary.  The company employs fifty-five (55) permanent technical and skilled staff and sixty (60) to two hundred and twenty (220) casual workers depending on the season and availability of raw materials.

Tijule Company Limited is a member of the Jamaica Agro Processors Association (JAPA), the Jamaica Manufacturers & Exporters Association (JMEA) and works very closely with the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) the quality control monitoring and regulating arm of Jamaica; and Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) the link between local industries, government and overseas agencies for funding, technical assistance and international markets.

Tijule Consists Of Three (3) Brands:


Juliana was our first foray into the market, its name a combination of mother (Alice) and daughter (Juliet), is a brand steeped in the tradition and determination of rural Jamaican folks to succeed despite setbacks and hardships.  Its authentic Jamaican taste is reminiscent of bygone days “dutchie pots” and coal fires where families and friends gather to partake of the richness of what the earth has to offer grown with one own hands


Nel’s followed later as a tribute to times past when recipes were passed down by word of mouth from generation to generation and the communal pot ensured that everyone had a hot meal in their bellies.


Clarendon Blends captures the value we place on our workforce from within communities near our business and the essence of flavourful fruits and vegetables from our farmers.  In mid-2019 we saw how we could diversify into another product line and better utilize more agricultural raw material thus reducing reliance on crops which took a long time to rejuvenate after hurricane and other adverse weather conditions.

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