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At Tijule Company Limited, we take pride in our food safety systems from the time the company began operations under its founder, Dr. Juliet (Doc) Newell in August 1982. Throughout its history and under the guidance of qualified international and local experts, our Quality Assurance team has developed and maintained comprehensive programmes and guidelines, practices, and procedures that cover all aspects of our agro-processing manufacturing business.

Our products are processed and manufactured in a food-safe manufacturing facility that is FSSC V5.1 certified and audited by Intertek. We have gone ahead and implemented the USA FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) so we are ready for the markets we serve. Our quality assurance department monitors production to ensure the highest Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are maintained at all times.


Raw material inspections are conducted at the point of receiving and again prior to processing. Standard test and inspection of agricultural inputs from our farmers are done and multiple quality assurance testing is completed at various stages at scheduled intervals within our facility. Documented cleaning and sanitizing procedures are in place and are maintained and
monitored daily by our team. Tijule voluntarily accommodates all routine external inspection by the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ), the Clarendon Public Health Inspectorate and National Environment & Planning Agency (NEPA), the Clarendon Fire Department, etc., on-site with our Quality Assurance team supporting these visits.

By choosing Tijule Company Limited as your agro-processing manufacturer, you can be totally satisfied knowing that a team of dedicated, highly-trained quality professionals ensure you receive safe, consistent, and the best quality products at all times.

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