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Tijule Company Limited was registered in August 1982 and began exporting in 1984 under the guidance of the managing director and major shareholder Juliet Newell, PhD food scientist and nutritionist (now deceased).  Using her experience in dietetics, nutrition, research and development Dr. Newell was able to solidify a vision into reality that not only provided her with a vehicle to achieve her personal goals but also one that allowed her to pump life back into the community where Tijule Company Limited is located.

The company occupies 2.02 acres of land and over 50,000 square feet of building space which houses offices and factory space.  The factory layout is relatively spacious and is engineered to international standards.  Over the years, the company has implemented major changes to its operations from its own cash flow as well as through support provided by European Union grant funding and technical assistance.

After thirty seven (37) years in the market, the company is now positioned as a producer of high quality value added products, exporting 85% of the products direct to the United States of America, 5% to Canada, Japan, Guam, Bahamas and Grenada with 10% sold locally to exporters and for household use. In addition to its own brands, Tijule manufactures private labels for export and international companies.

Tijule is a fully accredited facility with certification in FSSC 22000 V5.1, has implemented the Food Safety Management Act (FSMA) and is routinely inspected by the Food and Drug Administration to support exports to the US market.

The name “TIJULE” is a coinage of a mother’s name and that of the owner of the company.  It reflects the upbringing, the determination, the challenge and the will to succeed and rise above the limitations of poverty growing up in rural Jamaica.

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