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Located in Palmers Cross, Clarendon in the heart of an economically deprived and educationally depressed community, Tijule Company Limited provides much needed employment to the residents of the community.  Uneducated and unskilled mothers benefit the most by getting employment either on full or part time basis.

The children get assistance with school fees, books, uniform, lunch and transportation and even a place to stay while they await their mothers coming off from work.  Assistance is also given in times of illness, births and deaths.

The male and female farmers also benefit as the company provides them with a market for their produce in whatever amounts they are able to provide.  Interest free loans are provided to farmers.

Each year, Tijule welcome final year intern students from Ebony Park, College of Arts, Science and Education (CASE) and also Fifth Form Food & Nutrition students from high schools such as Vere Technical High School.  These students shadow employees in the production department for two (2) weeks to three (3) months and are paid a weekly stipend.

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